iDiet is a diet software that can help you choose, customize and follow a diet. Several supported diets (eg. Atkins, Summer Fresh,The Zone, Body for Life etc.) with details for every one of them are supported.

The User Manual is located in the documentation area.

March 14, 2010: We are still here! iDiet 1.0.5 is in the download section. This release only updates the food database, no code changes.

September 20, 2008: Hey we have iDiet 1.0.4 in the download section waiting for you. A bug was fixed that skipped a lot of the portions from the DB and now all items have reasonable portions (not grams). WebStart users should have it already. Enjoy!

July 09, 2008: iDiet 1.0.3 is out. It includes some bug fixes and clean-ups. If you are using WebStart it should automatically update it. If you prefer the package you can get it from here

June 19, 2008: We have added some more info in the docs section. Also don't forget to stop by our Forums and tell us what you think. Thanks

April 30, 2008: We finally have the ability to add custom foods in iDiet. Chick out the new release using Java WebStart or from the download section.

April 3, 2008: iDiet 1.0.1 is out. We had to fix a coule of bugs with progress bars and backups. We have, howerver, added some enhancements to the search. It should be faster now. Also you can now use Java Web Start if you prefer. Just click on the Start iDiet tab on the top menu and you will always have the latest version of iDiet without having to update. If you prefer the complete kit, go to the Downloads section and get it.

March 24, 2008: iDiet 1.0 is here. No changes since RC3, which means we will start on the rest of the features that we have planned. Check out the download section for the latest url and soon for webstart!

March 13, 2008: IMPORTANT: We found some major bugs in RC2 that we have fixed and today we released RC3. Please do update to the latest version. Nothing was added, only bug fixes. You can get it from here.

March 8, 2008:Hey we have just released RC2 of iDiet. It includes a couple of bug fixes and will now let you edit your entries in the food diary. For old entries you can only modify the name of the entry though.
Can be found here and please let us know what you think.

February 29, 2008:We are happy to announce that iDiet, the diet management tool, is at RC1 level. It can be downloaded at the usual section.
RC1 is a much better release than our Pre-Release, which was more like an alpha version.
Please, download it from here and let us know what you think.

February 16, 2008: Our 1.0 version is not ready yet but we are getting close. Our CVS repository has moved to SourceForge's SVN repositories and you can see it at Feel free to try our Dev version as it has a number of fixes in it.

December 13, 2007: We are happy to anounce our first prerelease of iDiet. Currently we have the food DB implemented, definition of separate meals, progress bars for our nutrition ( only on a 2000 cal diet currently, using the USDA guidelines ).
For our final release we will implement the calendar feature, saving feature and user and diet definition.
System requirements:
enough to run java 6
java 6
You can download it from here